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Portraits of America – No grieving

Уровень B1 (Средний / Intermediate)
♦to grieve = to cry over somebody’s death
♦passionately = with all of your heart – страстно
immensely – very big = large = enormously
♦painful = full of pain – болезненный


“Losing a father is often a big part of someone’s life. For me, it wasn’t. Everyone says, “I’m sorry you lost your dad’ but I don’t actually know what it’s like to lose a father. My dad died when I was only two years old, so I never had the opportunity to ♦grieve.
I always miss the really sad part of life.
A lot of people are ♦passionately, ♦immensely in love. When they lose that, they are super sad. I’ve never had a painful break-up. It’s a human experience that a lot of people at my age have had, but I haven’t. This summer, I was seeing someone, but it never developed into a real relationship. When it ended, I was only a little sad. I wish I had some emotion that was so big that it left me unable to eat or sleep. I think it’s more human to allow yourself to be very happy and to then allow yourself to feel very sad.”




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