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Portraits of America – Grandpa passed away

Уровень B1 (Средний / Intermediate)
♦to pass away = die
♦a wealthy man = a rich man

♦a community = a group of people living together – община
♦assemble = to gather – собираться
♦caring = to look after somebody = забота
♦devotion = love / loyalty = привязанность, преданность
♦master´s degree  – степень магистра

“My family was trying to protect me because they knew I had a lot of schoolwork, and so they didn’t want to tell me that my grandfather was very ill. When I found out, I ran to the consulate, got a visa, and flew to India the next morning, but by the time I arrived, my grandfather had ♦passed away. He wasn’t a ♦wealthy man. He was a farmer like most of my family. But I’ve never seen a ♦community come together for someone the way the village ♦assembled for him. After I left the village that day, I always think about the religion of my grandfather and the importance of caring about the people around me. I was never religious before, but now I am. In my religion, honest work is considered a way of showing devotion to God. My grandfather was someone who worked hard every day and did everything he could to help the people around him. It’s good to be successful and have a good job, but my ♦master’s degree and going to medical school will mean little if I don’t share what I’ve learned with the people around me.”

Выражение ‘master’s degree’

A master’s degree is a university degree such as an MA or an MSc which is of a higher level than a first degree and usually takes one or two years to complete.

степень магистра (ученая степень, которая присваивается лицам, имеющим степень бакалавра и прошедшим дополнительно два года обучения в высшем учебном заведении)
Пример: Master of Arts
Master of Science
Master of Business Administration



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