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Portraits of America – Laid-back and toned down Europe

?Уровень B1 (Средний / Intermediate)
♦citizenship – гражданство
♦laid-back – неторопливый
♦toned down – приглушенный, смягченный
♦take time – не спешить
♦cram it in my face – впихивать (о еде)
♦scenery (си-нэ-ри) – пейзаж

portraits_of_america16“I’m going to culinary school. First, I plan to move to Switzerland, because I have Swiss citizenship, and then to Italy. I want to explore and see what I’m missing out on. From what I’ve heard, the lifestyle in Europe is a lot more laid-back and toned down. They take their time to enjoy everything. In America, it’s ‘I have five minutes for lunch. I’m gonna go get this food and cram it in my face while I drive back to work.’ I don’t like that. I want a sitting-in-a-coffee-shop-looking-at-the-scenery-around-me lifestyle.”



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