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Reading B2 – British Bar Chat – slang

?LISTENING practice
?Level B2+
?accents: southern English man & slightly Welsh woman

Tom and Kate are talking about EARTHQUAKEs


Tom: [yawn] God, I’m tired.
Kate: How come? You been burning the candle at both ends or something?
Tom: What? No. Didn’t you notice the earthquake last night? It woke me up.
Kate: What?! Bloody hell! No. I didn’t notice a thing. Slept like a baby all night. When was it?
Tom: Err, ’bout 2am. God, the bed shook and I ran outside in my boxers.
Kate: You.. Laughsl…you actually ran outside in your boxers?
Tom: Well, yeah, I mean I was terrified. The…the bed shook and the dog was barking his head off. I thought the whole place was about to cave in.
Kate: Whoa. I can’t believe I slept through that. I really should’ve laid off the wine last night.
Tom: Yeah, nor can I. I mean, well how much did you have?
Kate: Only a bottle or two of white. I went down the pub with some mates.
Tom: Yeah, or three maybe?
Kate: Yeah, maybe. Dunno. Can’t remember. I was pretty hammered when I went home. At least I didn’t run around the street in my undies though.
Tom: Yeah, alright. Don’t take the piss.
Kate: Well, it’s funny. Anyway, how long did it last?
Tom: Couple of minutes I s’pose.
Kate: A couple of minutes? But you look completely knackered.
Tom: Well, yeah I mean, after that I, I couldn’t get back to sleep, you know? Scared the shit outta me. So I got dressed and watched TV. I tell you, I’d never realised there was so much rubbish on in the middle of the night.
Kate: Yeah I know. Anyway, let me shout you a coffee. You could do with it.
Tom: Ugh, God, you’re not wrong, yeah. Ta.


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