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Word difference – walking

♥Рубрика – Большая разница / Learn vocab and make a difference

Как ходят зомби?Image result for zombies walking Пошатываясь, волоча ноги и бессмысленно склоняясь вокруг?
Как же все это перевести на английский?… В голове крутится только walk. Давайте узнаем!

⊕ wander
⊕ stroll
⊕ stride
⊕ march
⊕ creep
⊕ shuffle
⊕ stagger
⊕ swagger
⊕ trudge


[wɔːk] – walked – walked

you move forward by putting one foot in front of the other in a regular way.

e.g. I prefer walking to work.


Image result for wandering lost

[‘wɔndə] – wandered – wandered

бродить, странствовать, скитаться
to walk without a specific purpose / aimlessly

e.g. I found him wandering in the street without a coat.


Image result for stroll

[strəul] – strolled – strolled

прогуливаться (медленно, праздно)
to walk for pleasure and without hurrying

e.g. They were strolling through the park, chatting about old times.


Image result for stride walk

[straɪd] – strode (строуд) – stridden (стридн)

шагать большими шагами
to walk fast, taking big steps.

e.g. He strode off towards the lake, and Mary ran after him.


Image result for to march

[mɑː:ʧ] – marched – marched

маршировать (идти строем) вышагивать (демонстративно, обиженно, нервно, решительно) ; дефилировать
to walk in a military way or with a lot of energy

e.g. He marched right in and demanded to see the manager.


[kriːp] – crept – crept (крэпт)

красться; подкрадываться
to try not to make any noise as you walk because  you do not want people to notice you.

e.g. He crept out of the bedroom and down the stairs.


Image result for шаркать

[‘ʃʌfl] – shuffled – shuffled

волочить ноги
to walk slowly without lifting your feet off the ground

e.g. She just shuffles around the house complaining about her cold.


[‘stægə] cтэгэ – staggered – staggered

шататься, покачиваться; идти шатаясь
to walk with uneven steps, almost falling over

e.g. She managed to stagger to a phone before collapsing on the floor.


Image result for swagger walk

[‘swægə] – swaggered – swaggered

ходить с важным видом
to walk as if you think you are very important

e.g. A self-important man in a brand new uniform pushed open the door and swaggered in.


Image result for trudge

[trʌʤ] – trudged – trudged

идти с трудом / продираться
to walk slowly and with effort as if you are very tired or have been walking for a long time.

e.g. She trudged up the hill, bent under a heavy backpack.


Describe a type of walking for each situation:

  1. zombies / vampires
  2. a burglar is trying to get into sb’s house
  3. a drunken man
  4. a group of soldiers
  5. a very old person
  6. Jack fell out with his parents (=argued) and left home
  7. after looong shopping and big sales
  8. a monarch walking to his throne
  9. waiting for the flight and killing time in the airport
  10. sb who has been carrying very heavy bags for a long time
  11. two lovers walking along the moonlit river
  12. go hiking
  13. you’re depressed, frustrated, but have no desire to stay at home
  14. on a busy street hurrying
  15. you go for a walk with your elderly granny
  16. when you want to surprise sb / scare sb
  17. a mother with a pram (=a stroller)
  18. a float at the carnival/parade (a float = a special platform with people dancing & wearing costumes)
  19. a jock in a local school
  20. a cat is trying to catch a bird
  21. cars in a bad traffic (on a congested street)


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