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Portraits of America – Working three jobs

Уровень – А2 (Предпороговый, ниже среднего)

♦research – исследования
♦juvenile – [ʤu͟ːvənaɪl] джу-вэ-найл – молодой, несовершеннолетний
♦a judge – судья
♦handcuffs – наручники
♦a courtroom – кот-рум – зал заседания в суде

Выражение: work + 3 jobs.

По-русским мы говорим “я работаю НА трех работах”, в английском предлог НА не переводится –
I work three jobs.

“I worked as a ♦research assistant for a ♦juvenile justice ♦judge, and one day I saw a 9-year-old in ♦handcuffs in a ♦courtroom—that shouldn’t happen. On that day, I decided that I wanted my job to be about more than just money. Now I work three jobs and teach at Harvard. My goal is to go to a good law school, so I can come out and change someone’s life.”





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