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ЕГЭ – Чтение – задание 1 – Вариант 10 (Музланова)

?Рубрика – Решаем “Чтение – задание 1”
?Уровень А2+
?Источник – Музланова, 2017 – Вариант 10
ЕГЭ по английскому – Чтение – задание 1
Соотнести 8 заголовков с 7 текстами (один заголовок лишний).
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  1. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs
  2. Use Alternative Medicine
  3. Staying in Shape is Important
  4. Threat to Your Eyesight
  5. Turn a Bad Habit into a Good Idea
  6. Fat People Are at Risk
  7. Prevention Is Better Than Cure
  8. Choose Proper Nutrition


А. There are numerous problems associated with obesity. It is not just a cosmetic problem but also a health hazard. Doctors generally agree that the more obese a person is, the more likely he or she is to have health problems. This is because obesity has been linked to several serious medical conditions. People who are overweight can gain significant health benefits from losing weight.

B. Hey, couch potato! Don’t feel guilty indulging in serials or reality shows — use the commercials as an excuse to burn calories. There is probably an average of 15 minutes of commercials in an hour-long program. If you exercised through each commercial break during just two hours of TV, you’d already have met the recommended amount of daily exercise necessary to reduce health risks.

C. Regular checkups are a valuable tool in maintaining good health. Taking proper care of your health at the right time can help avoid a lot of problems in the future. The main aim of a checkup is to detect illness at an early stage. It’s good to find out that you have a health problem before it is too late so appropriate tests should be done at the right time.

D. Do you mainly exercise for a few weeks in January before you forget your New Year’s resolution, and then again when you realise your summer holiday is around the corner? You’d not be alone, but keeping fit is something you should do all year round. You might not be particularly bothered about your appearance or your weight, but keeping fit is as much about what’s on the inside as it is what’s on the outside.

E. Pain is our body’s means to indicate that something is wrong and requires immediate attention. Pain for a short time can be taken care of by a painkiller but if the soreness is lingering for too long, then It requires proper medical expertise. Sometimes life menacing problems have back pain and joint pain as symptoms and can, if neglected, do permanent damage.

F. Think about your car — the higher the grade of the fuel you put in it, the better it runs. Your body works the same way. If you eat healthy foods, you’ll be healthier and feel better. Eating well is easy if you’re aware of what foods are best for you. But don’t worry! Eating healthy food doesn’t mean eliminating every single thing you love from your diet.

G. Do you spend more than 3 hours a day working or maybe playing on a computer? If so, you are at a higher risk than casual computer users. Researchers warn that watching a computer screen for six or more hours a day might be linked to a progressive eye disease. This does not mean, however, that people who work on a computer for less than 3 hours a day will not suffer eye complications due to computer use.

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