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Portraits of America – My love is for her

Уровень B1-B2 (Средний-Выше среднего)
♦injury – травма
♦surgeries – [‘sɜːʤ(ə)rɪ] –  операции
♦triplets – тройня
♦suffer – страдать
♦breasts – грудь (женская)
♦cancer – рак
♦loyal – преданный
♦make funny faces – корчить рожицы

“This injury is nothing compared to what my wife has to go through. Long story short, she was in a car accident and had four back surgeries. Then she got pregnant with triplets. We lost one and had twins. After wportraits_of_america18e had our twins, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. When we go home after this vacation, she has to have another operation.
My tattoos all have meaning—good times and bad. The bad times are all related to my wife. When she suffers, I suffer. When she cries, it hurts me. She goes through depression, goes through everything. I’m not a doctor, I can’t help her.
But I have to be strong for her.  But when she’s going through all those things, maybe she starts having doubts. A woman has to be beautiful for herself before she is for someone else. She had long beautiful hair—it all fell out. With all her surgeries—the back, the breasts—she looks different now. Because of that, her self-image is also different. But I actually love her more. I tell her, ‘I’m going to kiss you, hold hands with you, anywhere, in front of anybody and any woman because you are my queen.’ I’m hurt, but I tell her not to worry. I can walk anywhere. I’m not going to let it stop me from having fun with my wife. I smile and make funny faces, but only for her and no one else.”

====== One of the comments =====
This is what love is. Not the artificial ‘goals’ everyone screams about. Love is about being there for someone at their lowest and still appreciating the little things they do. She’s a lucky woman to have you by her side, and you’re a lucky man to have such a strong wife.

Выражение long story short

Краткий способ сказать “короче говоря”. Полная версия звучит как make a long story short.

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