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Portraits of America – Literacy and Librarians

?Уровень B1 (Средний / Intermediate)
♦literacy = the ability to read and write – грамотность
♦nannies (Br.E) = babysitters (Am.E)liter – няни
♦to develop = grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced – развивать
♦to emphasize = make (something) more clearly defined – ставить ударение / подчеркивать
♦rhymings = [‘raɪmɪŋ] – рифмующийся
♦to fail = when something doesn’t happen (you can’t make it happen) – не получаться / потерпеть неудачу
♦interactions = взаимодействие
♦empathy = the ability to understand and share the feelings of another – сочувствие

portraits_of_america19_librarian“Libraries can help with brain development and early literacy. Very young children are cared for by their teachers, parents, and nannies who are not necessarily trained in how a child’s brain develops. As librarians, we’re in an amazing position to talk about ways to stimulate a child’s brain and how to prepare kids to be better learners. We’re trying to emphasize the importance of talking to children and providing them with sensory experiences when they’re young. Things like rhyming and increasing the number of words when talking to children help them to learn more later in life.
“When children fail to learn new words in their day-to-day interactions, and when they are not having tactile experiences, their brain synapses don’t stay active. Things that happen to children early in their lives play a big role in why they go in different directions and contribute to many socioeconomic differences.
“Libraries also help people find stories. Stories teach kids empathy. Studies have consistently shown that people who are readers are more empathetic. For example, people who have read Harry Potter are less likely to be racist.”


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