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Phrasal Verbs – Make up

Please make up my room.

Make up – один из самых любимых моих персонажей сериала под названием Phrasal Verbs.
Но выбрать именно его меня сподвигла фотография ученицы, которую она прислала из гостиницы в Италии. Давайте прочитаем, что там написано.

Please make up my room. – Пожалуйста, уберите мой номер.

Да, вот так казалось бы простой глагол, имеющий стойкую ассоциацию с макияжем, имеет множество других и очень полезных значений.


Фразовый глагол make up  – made up  – made up

If you make yourself up or if someone else makes you up, make-up such as powder or lipstick is put on your face.


Read the example and try to guess the meaning.  Watch the pictures Read the definition 
Pinocchio makes up a lot of stories.

I’m not making it up. The character exists in real life.

make up + a story 
make up + a sentence
If you make up something such as a story or excuse, you invent it, sometimes in order to deceive people.
Honey, I have to cancel today’s date, but I’ll make it up for you, I promise you.

You must make up the time that you have wasted this afternoon, by working late tonight.


make it up for + sb
make up the time

If you make up time or hours, you work some extra hours because you have previously taken some time off work.

When you cancelled a meeting, and you want to compensate it.

Make up with me!!!
He is ready to make up.
They never made up the quarrel…
I’ll make it up with him again.
 make up with + person If two people make up or make it up after a quarrel or disagreement, they become friends again.
These 7 books make up the whole Harry Potter series.

Insects are made up of tens of thousands of proteins.

My social network is made up of firm friends and casual acquaintances.

sth makes up sth
sth is made up of

The people or things that make up something are the members or parts that form that thing.
Ask the servant to make up your room.

Please make up my room.

Her mother made up a bed in her old room.

make up + a room
make up + a bed

1 – clean the room in the hotel

2 – If you make up a bed, you put sheets and blankets on it so that someone can sleep there.

Прочитайте разные переводы и попробуйте вспомнить картинку, иллюстрирующую этот глагол.

  • быть частью, составлять
  • пополнять, возмещать, компенсировать; навёрстывать
  • мириться (после ссоры)
  • готовить кровать (для гостей)
  • краситься, наносить макияж
  • убираться в комнате / номере гостиницы
  • придумывать, выдумывать, сочинять




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