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Phrasal verbs – CRACK UP

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глагол ‘CRACK’ 

break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts

колоть, расщеплять, раздроблять; расколачивать, разламывать

Фразовый глагол CRACK UP

Image result for crack up car accident to damage someone or something

to have a wreck

разбивать (вдребезги); вызвать аварию (самолёта)

‘John cracked up the car for good in the accident.’
‘Engine failure cracked the plane up.’
‘the crack-up of the Soviet Union’
The plane cracked up and killed two of the passengers.’
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Image result for cracking up laughing laugh a lot.
break out in laughter.

burst out laughing, roar with laughter, shake with laughter
лопаться от смеха, смеяться до упаду
‘We all just cracked up laughing.’
You and your jokes really crack me up.
‘That comedian really knows how to crack up an audience.’
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suffer an emotional breakdown under pressure.
break down, lose control, be overcome, collapse, go to pieces
‘I feel I’m cracking up, always on the verge of tears.’
‘She would have cracked up if she hadn’t allowed herself some fun.’
‘The poor guy cracked up. It was too much for him.’
 Image result for praise someone To praise someone or something highly, especially incorrectly.
Often used in the passive
нахваливать, превозносить; рекламировать
‘I am simply not the genius I‘m cracked up to be.’
‘His friend cracked him up to be a great mechanic, but I thought his work was shoddy (=of low quality).’


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