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Listening – A2 – City Life

Источник – Oxford Navigate, B1 – Unit 2

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Living in a city?’

TASK 1 – Listen to Mike and Emma discussing city life. How do they feel about living in the city?

Useful VOCABULARY – Полезные слова и выражения

  • To be honest – по правде говоря
  • Get used to =to have a habit of doing sth – привыкнуть
  • Rubbish = trash – мусор
  • get lost = lose your way – потеряться
  • A maze = a labyrinth – лабиринт
  • A business appointment – бизнес встреча
  • A shopper = a person who is shopping – покупатель
  • Buzz [bʌz] = a constant sound –  гудение / гул толпы

Task 2 – Listen again. Write out 5 expressions with the preposition ON.

1 _______

2 _______

3 _______

4 _______

5 _______

Task 3 – Listen again. Which person says these things? Write M or E.

1 Nobody’s ever on time for anything. ___
2 I was on the way to the city centre. ___
3 There are so many people who come here on business. ___
4 You just look it up on the Internet. ___
5 I really don’t understand why they come here on holiday. ___


E – How do you find city life then, Mike?

M – Oh, well, I’ve only been here for a few weeks. But to be honest, I’m not enjoying it at all.

E – How come?

M – I think it’s be
cause I’m from a small town in the country, but l just can’t get used to it.  Everybody’s so rude.  

E – How do you mean?

M – Well, for example, nobody’s ever on time for anything. I was at a business meeting last week and three of the six people were late!

E – That’s because public transport here is so rubbish. I was on the way to the city centre yesterday and the tram just stopped for half an hour. That’s life.

M – But it’s crazy. There are so many people who come here on business, but if you can’t get to your appointnents on time, you’ll go somewhere else to do business. And another thing -I always get lost. This city’s like a maze.

E – But you’ve got a smartphone. If you get lost, you just look it up on the Internet. Come on, Mike, maybe you come from the country, but you know how to use a smartphone!

M – And the tourists! You can’t move. I was in Bath Street the other day, trying to get to a business appointment. All the tourists and shoppers – I was blocked. I really don’t understand why they come here on holiday.

E – Probably because of all the great museums, art galleries and shops! I love all the people here, all  the different nationalities, all the buzz

M – The buzz?

E – Yes, I feel excited all the time. I love it.


Task 4 – Complete the sentences using the phrases in the box.

on business / on holiday / on the Internet / on public transport  /on time on the left/right / on TV / on the way
1 Where are you going ___ this year? To the sea or the mountains?

2 In theUK, people drive ___. What about where you come from?

3 Can you get to work or university ___?

4 How often do you go ____? What kind of websites do you visit?

5 Have you ever seen anything surprising or amazing ___ to work or college?

6 Do you prefer watching films ___ or at the cinema? Why?

7 Do you think it is important to be ___ for appointments? When is it less important?

8 Do a lot of people come to your city ___? Where do they come from? Which companies do they visit?



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