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Inspirational video – ‘Flaw is a masterpiece’

An artist creates stunning portraits to show how our flaws make us beautiful.


  • flatten the emotions
  • energy comes through
  • obsesively
  • flawless faces
  • my style shifted
  • capture an emotion
  • stems
  • each medium (plural – media)
  • watercolor – women – gentle
  • tenuous relationship
  • nitty-gritty stuff
  • substantial oil portraits (men)
  • overflow with joy
  • convey beauty in people
  • cosmis reason

Melanie Norris shares her passion for finding beauty in people that others may have overlooked.
(you can find her official site here).

“My responsibility as an artist is to convey beauty in people. To find the wonderful side of things that may typically be ignored, or just kind of passed on the street.”

She says she’s most drawn to painting people who are the most uncomfortable in front of a gaze. “There’s a very raw honesty comes from their discomfort,” she adds. “I crave that in every painting.”

The face they use for the world disintegrates after a few minutes, fading into their natural and slight anxiety. And therein lies the portrait.

“The true beauty of humans lies in their bared vulnerability and characteristic flaws.”


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What does her words mean – ‘I owe it to art. I owe it to people’.


Do you agree with the statement that ‘a face never lies’?







Official site of Melanie Norris can be found here.


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