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Фразовые глаголы с UP – Практика

?Phrasal Verbs with UP – ПРАКТИКА

1 – Study the table (a picture I prepared for you)
2 – Answer all the questions (if it’s difficult, you answer 5-7 questions)

1 – What (hobbies) do you want to take up in 2017?
2 – What did you give up doing?
3 – When do people make up lies?
4 – When do you look up a word?
5 – Who showed up at your last birthday party?
6 – Why do people set up a tent?
7 – What do you do when you keep up with your school curriculum?
8 – What happens after a building blows up?
9 – What time do you get up on the 1st of January?
10 – Why do people end up in jail?qcekahnn8cs


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